Past Posts

This is where I share posts, that I’ve previously published on Facebook, which received a positive reaction from others. If some people found them helpful in the past there may be something in them that visitors to this site also find useful.

Facing the Shadows

It dawned on me, out walking yesterday, that the world of The Shadow, or ‘The Shadowlands’, isn’t something that I can just briefly visit as a ‘self-development exercise’, not if I hope to learn anything from it. And I can’t just examine ‘my shadow’ in isolation either. Because it doesn’t live in isolation or come… Continue reading Facing the Shadows

The Season of Letting Go

After 3 years of Camino walking, volunteering and hiking some pilgrimage routes in far-off lands, I decided that it was time to pause and reflect.  In January ’19 chance brought me to a natural paradise island, the smallest inhabited Canary Isle on the edge of the Atlantic, for a 6 week voluntary placement.  And it was here… Continue reading The Season of Letting Go