What you are seeking

is also seeking you…

…the entrance door to the sanctuary lies inside you*

Welcome to La Casa de Paz

(the House of Peace)

Everyone is welcome here.


Allow yourself the breathing space to enter and explore.

You may be feeling good, motivated, happy and at ease or unsettled, confused, insecure or full of fear.

Maybe you’re someone who’s restless, with a vague sense of longing for something that you just can’t quite define.

Maybe anger is the cross you carry, wounding you and those around you.

If you believe you’re lost, misunderstood, overwhelmed or painfully alone, know this…

You are not alone.

This is a virtual House of Peace where all feelings are understood and have been felt here at sometime too.

This is a place where everyone, in search of inner peace,

is welcome.

“Trust that,

with light in your heart,

you will find your way home”

* – Rumi