What you are seeking

is also seeking you…

…the entrance door to the sanctuary lies inside you*

Welcome to La Casa de Paz

(the House of Peace)

Everyone is welcome here. Relax. Allow yourself the breathing space to enter and explore.

You may be feeling good, motivated and happy, or sad, confused and a little bit lost. Maybe you’re feeling restless, without knowing why, or with a vague sense of longing for something that you just can’t quite pin down.

Perhaps you’re someone who’s searching for a deeper understanding of Life, yourself, other people or God. Or maybe you get angry or impatient, too often and too easily, and even though you see it’s hurting you and those around you, you don’t know why it happens, or how to stop.

If you’ve told yourself that you’re alone, different, that no-one seems to see the world as you do, or truly understands you, or that you’ll never be able to live fully as the person you really are


Take a deep breath, kick off those shoes, settle down in a virtual armchair in the corner of this House of Peace and listen very carefully…

You are NOT alone. You are already loved EXACTLY as you are. You DO belong and, more than that, you’re needed. So make yourself at home.

Those feelings have been felt and understood here also, at sometime in the past. So if you find anything here that helps you on your own journey or that gives you some sense of inner peace, stay as long as you like.

No-one here will tell you to pull yourself together or that you’re self-obsessed, too sensitive or selfish. No-one will try to fix you or to enlist you to their cause. There is no hidden agenda or explicit expectation of anything here.

So take what serves you, leave what doesn’t. Listen to what speaks to you, disregard the rest. The most powerful and trustworthy personal adviser you’ll ever have is that small voice inside you (the one that whispers quietly, not the one that criticises everything you do).

It’s with you always as you travel and you can hear it on the gentlest breeze. And when you stop to take a breather, or to shelter for a while, you’ll find it waiting there to speak to you…in your inner House of Peace.

Trust that 
with light in your heart
you will find your way home