Logo Meaning


What does the website logo mean?

The Triple Spiral (Triskele or Triskelion) is an archaic Celtic symbol thought to represent the balancing and unification of diverse things within ancient Celtic culture.

Its three legs are said to symbolise energetic forward movement reflecting action, cycles, revolution and progress.

Each leg represents a different aspect of the Life experience (eg: mind-body-spirit; life-death-rebirth; past-present-future; male-female-union; father-mother-child; creation-preservation-destruction) with smooth transition through all phases only possible when there is a stable and balanced central point.

I chose this symbol as the logo of my website for some personal historical reasons, and also because I feel that I am on a continuous journey of unfolding discovery about the importance of keeping balance in all aspects of my life.

For me, this feels like the key that opens the door to living a fully human life, whilst also honouring that which is spiritual and mysterious within me. A doorway that leads to balanced and continual forward movement in a Life-enhancing way…