The Space in Between

You are found in the space in between.
I am found in the space in between.
The space in between thoughts, acts, plans, goals and desires.
The space where we can breathe.
The space where nothing and everything lies.
The space where peace resides.
The space where wisdom waits,
to be welcomed in without words.

The pressing decision,
the fear-filled thought,
the consuming ambition,
the tortured heart.
Let them all fall from the grasp of your awareness.
Let them fall.
Soften your gaze
let them fall.

Only then will you see
there is no space.
No empty, unfilled, blackened space.
There is only Love.
But to let it in...
 you must listen carefully,
listen carefully to the silent message...

“All else must fall
into the space in between”


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