Who Am I?

On ‘The Camino’…Aug 2018

…and what is this website ?

I’m Michele and I’m someone who ‘walks gently through this world and knows its beauty‘ (an Apache blessing that my sister gave to me because, she said, it was a good description of how I live my life). I come from Irish ancestry, had Scottish and German parents and a life-time’s experience of living in the wilds of Wales…until five years ago, when I found myself feeling very at home in the Celtic province of Galicia in North-western Spain, at the end of the 500-mile walk known as ‘The Camino de Santiago’.

Although I didn’t fully realise it at the time, that end was a turning point in my life and a new beginning for me; as each ending in each of our lives always is. And, I’ve since learned, what shapes and determines the quality and experience of our lives is whether we choose to live in the Land of Eternal Endings or to turn our gaze forward and continue to walk the Path of New Beginnings.

My path of new beginnings led me to giving up the security of a fixed base in the UK and to walking more Caminos in Spain, Israel, and lands further afield. It brought me into the world of volunteering (after a lifetime of working in business) through the gift that is ‘Workaway‘ It gave me the experience of meeting generous, knowledgeable and interesting volunteer hosts, many of whom are actively working to turn their own dreams into reality. And, ultimately, it brought me, step-by-step, to the creation of this website and its virtual Casa de Paz (House of Peace).

I am a single, self-motivated, frequently self-doubting but often brave adult woman. But, in the matter of learning how to live in peace with the wonderful mystery that is Life, I am an eternally-open, constantly-learning, curious child. And this is the place where I share a little of what I’ve learned…continue to learn…and often unlearn and relearn…along the Way.

So feel free to pour yourself a drink and to stay a while…because everyone is welcome here…