Peaceful Body

I believe that loving, respecting, appreciating and caring for our bodies is essential if we want to experience the inner peace that comes from feeling true love and respect for ourselves.

These are a few of the resources that I’ve found helpful in cultivating love and respect for my body.


When I moved to a new home in a new location five years ago, I joined a local yoga class in an effort to meet new people, to do something physically active, and to calm my turbulent emotions and mind. I didn’t find the pace or format of the class especially calming but the experience gave me a taste for the far-reaching benefits of yoga and led me to discovering ‘Yoga with Adriene (YWA)‘ on YouTube.

YWA was created with the sole purpose of reaching as many people as possible, to show them the mental, physical and emotionally healing benefits of yoga, through the development of an ‘at home’ practice. It provides an extensive library of introductory videos on each yoga pose (for complete beginners); full-length, individual yoga sessions targeting different parts of the body; as well as a number of tailor-made, 30-day progressive programmes, all accessible and down-loadable, free-of-charge, from YouTube. Its principal philosophy is to ‘Find What Feels Goodfor you on the mat, so that you gradually develop the inner strength and confidence to do the same in each area of your life, off the mat.

I’ve been a follower and user of YWA video resources ever since, and they’ve helped me to develop flexibility and strength in all areas of my life. These are some of the individual sessions that I found particularly useful:

‘Savour’ Practice

This is a wonderful session to release and relax tense, tight neck & shoulder muscles, as well as helping you to focus less on always ‘doing’ and more on simply ‘being’…here and now.

Day 16 of YWA’s 30-day ‘Home’ series
(a programme designed to help you find your way home…to yourself)

Synchronise‘ practice

I could just have easily added this video to the ‘Peaceful Balance’ section of this website, because it is a perfect yoga practice to demonstrate how truly connected our Minds, Bodies and Spirits really are, and how lack of balance in one area will always show up in the others too. Enjoy…

Day 17 of YWA’s 30-day ‘Home’ series
(a programme designed to help you ‘find your way home…to yourself’)

‘Yoga for the Future’ practice

This is a lovely practice for setting a new intention, embarking on a new project or beginning a new phase in your life…

Introductory Video to YWA’s First 30-Day Programme Series

If you feel like trying out a whole 30-day programme, this is a quirky one to start with and will also give you some insight into how Adriene herself has matured and developed her practice over the last 5 years.

YWA’s First 30-day Programme
(Each year since 2015 a new 30-day Programme has been launched each January)