Peaceful Balance

I believe that our Minds, our Bodies and our Spirits are the ‘Holy Trinity’ that we need to balance and unite within ourselves, if we want to live peaceful, creative and meaningful lives. Because, directly or indirectly, each one of them influences the balance of the other two and ignoring the needs of one will result in a negative impact upon the others sooner or later…something that I’ve learned through personal experience.

Each part of our ‘Holy Trinity’ is equal in value and only by truly acknowledging this, slowly learning how to love them equally, and by creating the time and space in our lives to actively listen to and nurture each one, can we find the sense of inner peace that seems to be so elusive in the outer world today.

This is a life-long task, an ‘Ithaka‘ of a journey, if you like. But it’s also the great adventure of Life that is teaching me how to gradually create and increase the number of days that are filled with moments of meaning, joy, respect and love for myself and for other people. And it’s a journey that each one of us has the choice to begin afresh each and every day…

The Camino de Santiago

I finally woke up to the importance of this balance when I walked the Camino de Santiago for the first time five years ago. What began as a “two-week walking holiday” with no spiritual or religious motivation or belief, ended two months later in Santiago de Compostela, with a renewed awareness and respect for the individual & combined power and potential of my Mind, Body & Spirit. It was a journey that also brought me face to face with my unconscious prejudices and arrogance and one that opened my eyes to the mysterious, powerful, creative and sacred Spirit of Life that exists within every person and within the world as a whole.

You don´t need to believe in anything to walk the Camino, but if you have a sense that there is something more waiting to be discovered, then the Camino is a good place to start…

The following video will give you a taste of the natural beauty of Spain that you would discover along the Way…but what you would learn about yourself, and about other people that you meet in the course of your journey, is a discovery that only you will make…

More information about the Camino can found at this link, which is my original (now dormant) WordPress site providing practical guidance and signposts to further information and helpful resources:


Yoga is an incredible and highly effective way to establish how ‘well-balanced’ we are feeling at any particular time but also to gradually build a healthy and equal balance between our minds, our bodies and our spirits. More detail and links are provided on my Peaceful Body page, but the following practice is a great starting point for anyone wanting to begin the cultivation of more balance in their lives: