Peaceful Spirit

We have a choice in life, and it’s called the Gift of Free Will: (i) Deny any possibility of a spiritual aspect to our world, ourselves or our life experience, believing only in scientific evidence and hard facts, or (ii) Accept the possibility that those things that suddenly and inexplicably move us to tears or that ‘make our hearts soar’ could be something silent and intangible just waiting to be seen and heard…

I have had enough coincidental, inexplicable, deeply-moving, personally-transforming and gracefully-humbling experiences to no longer be in any doubt that there is far more to Life than simply what we can see, hear, touch and argue about. These continual and ever-increasing experiences have had such a cumulative effect on my world view and my view of Life itself that they initially opened me up to curiosity about ´spirituality´ and, ultimately, to a profound belief in the all-encompassing Divine Love that is God.

These are a few of the resources that I found helpful in making me aware of my own inner spirit and of the ever-present influence of God; that infinitely-mysterious Divine Love, around which everything we experience revolves. I´ve discovered for myself that God´s Love is the sacred spirit of Life itself and that, once I was willing to open my heart and my mind to that Love, I finally stopped thinking, feeling and behaving like a victim. I´ve discovered the supreme power of possibility that comes with acceptance of the constant presence of God´s Love within life and that acceptance brings with it hope, creative passion, meaning and purpose.

A short film with the power to reconnect us to what has real meaning and importance in our lives…if we can allow it…

The Camino de Santiago

Like countless others before me, I began the Camino de Santiago believing I was on a short walking holiday…and ended it realising that it had been an important part of my lifelong spiritual journey. The following video gives a flavour of what that personal experience was like for me, if you’d like more information about the Camino itself, follow this link to my ‘Peaceful Balance’ page: