About this Blogging Site

Because Life is such a glorious and at times perplexing mystery, those who seek to understand it, and then to communicate their understanding, often fall into two groups.

The first, in an effort to reduce the terror of truly knowing the sheer, humbling power of Life, try to contain it and how it works into guides and frameworks designed to ‘Make Life Work for You‘. The second, so enraptured by their experience of a deeper connection with the energy and spirit of Life and realising the complete inadequacy of language to describe it, resort to mystical, sometimes impenetrable poetry or obscure, convoluted and often similar-sounding prose.

But there’s also a third group. A few brave souls who do their best to bridge this Great Divide. They speak in poetic and lyrical terms but also seek to ground their words in the reality of everyday experience. They speak simultaneously to both the human and the divine within us, to help us unite the two and, in doing so, they help us to unite what we often experience as our divided and tormented inner selves.

This third group of writers are my personal Heros and Heroines, because they speak to something that lies deep within me and that feels, at a visceral level, like The Truth.

This website is an expression of that Truth (as fully as I’m able to describe it at this moment in time, because it’s a Truth that constantly dances with me, revealing new moves every day).

It’s My Song if you like, and, like all songs, it will slowly reveal its story verse by verse, with a chorus that keeps repeating the main message of this Truth that Life is calling me to sing.

If any person, at any moment in their lives, finds something in my song that helps to awaken a part of their own inner Song, their own inner Truth, then my purpose in creating the website will have been fulfilled.

So Namaste & Welcome…