About this Blogging Site

Because Life is such a glorious and sometimes troubling mystery, it seems to me that those who do their best to understand it (and then share what they’ve learned) often fall into two groups.

The first group seem to treat it as a puzzle to be solved and offer us guides and frameworks designed to ‘Make Life Work for Us‘. The second, often as a result of a deeper connection with the energy and Spirit of Life, and realising the inadequacy of language to describe it fully, use mystical, beautiful and sometimes impenetrable or obscure, poetry and literary prose.

But there’s also a third group. A few brave souls who do their best to bridge this Great Divide. They talk in poetic and lyrical terms but also seek to ground their words in the reality of everyday experience. They speak simultaneously to both the human and the spiritual within us, trying to help us unite the two, and so they offer us help in reconciling the division between them, that we can often feel within ourselves.

This third group of writers are my heros and heroines, because they speak to something that resonates deep within me and that feels, at a visceral level, like The Truth.

I’m constantly trying to capture this Truth for myself and to set it down in words, partly because something inside me drives me to do it, partly because I don’t want to forget it, and partly because I want to share it with others in the hope that it might spark something that also feels like Truth in them.

That’s the purpose of this blog site. Creating it gives me a feeling of happiness and contentment and that’s what I’d like to convey and help others to find for themselves too.