I believe in God,

Creator of Heaven and Earth.

I believe in the living presence of Christ,

around us,

among us,

within us.  

I believe in the Holy Spirit,

the Giver of Life.

I believe in forgiveness of sins.

Hacer un fin es hacer un comienzo

I believe in resurrection

and in Life everlasting.

I believe in Love.


4 thoughts on “Credo”

  1. This popped up in a notification e-mail only this morning. I’m not sure what the 10 delay was about, but better late than never. I love the chain of lateral thought and entirely subscribe to it. XX


    1. It started as a thought process while I was walking, asking myself why I don’t like the Credo that is recited in Mass. I realised it was because it sounds to me like a list of historical facts that I have to confirm I believe in, in order to call myself a Christian. Then I asked myself, “If I believe I’m a Christian, why is that? What would my ‘Credo’ be?” and this was the result.
      I’m glad you like it, and subscribe to it too.
      Love you xx ❤️


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