The time will comewhen that which troubled youpounds at the door of your heartno more. When the endless clouds of confusion and competing choice part... and only clear, uncluttered clarity remains. When that which seemed so complex, confounding, complicated and weighed-down with worry.. transforms, as day-light breaks. Miraculous metamorphosis And the earth-bound, shadowed, heavy, static… Continue reading Redemption

Fear is the Key…

"Always speak the truth, even if your voice shakes" It’s more than two weeks since my last blog post and what a two weeks it’s been - in all of our lives.  How quickly the world and our experience of it can change.  How effectively Life teaches us to embrace the contradictions of our humanness: fragile and… Continue reading Fear is the Key…

The Way of the Rose & the Alchemist’s house

In 2018 I did something back-to-front, I walked the pilgrimage path of the Camino de Santiago backwards. Starting from Spain's most Westerly coastal town of Muxia, I crossed the country from West to East, via Santiago de Compostela, and into France through the Pyreneean mountain range, which acts as a border between the two countries… Continue reading The Way of the Rose & the Alchemist’s house

The Never-Ending Story

There are few things that engage the human psyche more completely than a good story, well told. Whether it's the story we tell about ourselves or about others; the one about our relationships or our past; our internal story about the world and how magical or doomed we believe it is; or the multiple and… Continue reading The Never-Ending Story